feminine wisdom



I’m Dawn Copeland and I’m SO excited that you are here! I want to ask you a very important question…  


Are you caught in overdrive, working really hard with earnest effort to move forward, but it just doesn’t seem to happen?


If you’re putting on a really good show where from the outside it looks like you’ve got it all together, but on the inside you feel numb, scared or your soul is screaming in frustration “this is it?...this is my life?...this sucks!” then you are in the right place!


Let’s face it, the old, outdated models of motivation and healing aren’t working anymore


The Feminine Evolution Process is a new feminine coaching model for success and personal development. This process will guide you to experience healing on the deepest DNA level so what you want (success, money, relationship, health) comes easily, with less struggle.


I bet you’re here because you are:

  • an “overachiever” who also walks the line of self-destruction
  • called to contribute to the world in a BIG way but it’s NOT going as easily as you planned
  • tired and exhausted from putting your whole beautiful heart into “positive” thinking, yet you’re still sabotaging, struggling and not fully living your divine purpose

What I want you to know is this…To love yourself is the journey of the soul. It is the process of coming home to your divine worth. It’s about loving every single part of YOU, especially the parts you hate, hide and feel great shame about.


And while it can be SO scary to fully look at your imperfections, at times, it’s even harder to look at your beautiful divine perfection. Yet when you start to see yourself through the eyes of love and radical acceptance, miracles begin to happen.


The Feminine Evolution Process is THE way for YOU to celebrate, forgive, laugh, grow, open up, surrender to, ignite your voice, love your body, share your wisdom, hear the call of your wild soul, act on your intuition, rest in your brilliance, and ultimately Love Yourself Every Day.

I believe that no matter how successful and happy you are, we are each being called in this moment to evolve. You are being called to stand in your power, raise your voice and participate in the greatest global consciousness shift of our time!

To support YOU in doing this, I want to personally invite you to schedule a private one-on-one complimentary Feminine Evolution Activation Session.

In this session, together we will:

  • Connect deeply with your leader, visionary or innovator to get really clear on your VISION for your life and our world,
  • Discover the REAL obstacles waiting to take you down (it’s usually not what you think it is!),
  • Create the PERFECT next steps for you

All you need to do to receive this complimentary session is email me at dawn@dawncopeland.com right away and we will schedule a time to connect that works for you.


I KNOW this process will ignite your soul and leave you feeling more alive, committed and ON FIRE for your life, business and/or sacred purpose.


Haven’t you waited long enough?


Email me today at dawn@dawncopeland.com to reserve your important Feminine Evolution Activation Session.


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As a bonus, you’ll receive The Feminine Evolution Process Ezine and Success Building Tips.