2020 Bar Syllabus Criminal Law

2. Establishment of heirs (including the declaration of succession, decided in the case of Treyes v. Larlar, G.R. No. 232579 8 September 2020) N. Provisional remedies in criminal matters (Rule 127) The curriculum of each subject of the Bar for the 2022 Bar Examinations has been published on the official website of the Supreme Court (SC) under sc.judiciary.gov.ph/ NOTE: This programme is an overview of the key topics covered by the core subject “Civil Law (and Practical Exercises)”. Therefore, all candidate lawyers should be informed that only the laws, rules, exposures and jurisdictions relevant to these matters as of June 30, 2021 are verifiable documents as part of the 2022 bar exams. 6. Extinction of criminal liability (as amended by Royal Decree No.

10592) 2. Culpa aquiliana v. culpa contractual v. culpa criminal R.A.-No.-9995 Anti Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009. 3. General Powers and Duties of Guardians (Rule 96) R.A. 10821 Law on the Emergency Assistance and Protection of Children O. Revised Guidelines for Continuing Disputes (M.A. No. 15-06-10-SC) C.

Anti-Corruption and Corruption Act (R.A. No. 3019, as amended by R.A. No. 3047, P.D. No. 677, P.D. No.

1288, B.P. Blg. 195 and R.A. No. 10910) Presidential Decree No. 1612 Anti-Closure Act of 1979 See ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING ACT (R.A. No. 9160, as amended). C.

Rule 42 – Application for Review by regional courts of first instance under Law 8171 on the Repatriation by the Court of Appeal of Filipino Women and Naturally Born Filipinos Who Have Lost Their Philippine Citizenship 2. Rights and obligations of the owners of dominant and subordinate property 4. Application for Review of the Certiorari to the Supreme Court R.A. 9851 Philippine Act on Crimes International Humanitarian Genocide, and Other Crimes Humanity D. Doctrine of finality/imvemuability of judgment; Exceptions 2. Republic Judicial and Bar Association (Composition and Powers) Act 8975, which prohibits lower courts from issuing injunctions, injunctions or injunctions on government infrastructure projects A.M. No. 19-03-24-SC RULE 138-A Student law practice A.

Combating Child Pornography Act, 2009 (sections 3 (a-c), 4 and 5, R.A. No. 9775) F. Filing and service of pleadings, judgments, final decisions and resolutions R.A.-10173-–-Data-Privacy-Act-of-2012-“-National Commission for the Protection of Privacy II. SUSPENSION, EXCLUSION AND DISCIPLINARY MEASURES OF LAWYERS 1. Duty to bargain collectively, bargaining in bad faith D. suspension of payments; Suspension of order for payment A.M.-No.-15-06-10-SC Revised Guidelines for the Continuous Hearing of Criminal Cases R.A.-No.-1405 Bank Deposit Secrecy Act, as amended 5. State regulation of various types of media 1. Methods of acquisition of the single and exclusive bargaining agent (SEBA) Status 4. Jurisdiction by the Secretary of the DOLE Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act ( R.A. No. 11166) 1.

Workers` organizations or workers` associations may join, train or support. Republic Act No. 10159-A amending article 39 of the Revised Penal Code c. Rehabilitation beneficiaries and administrative committee. 9. Jurisdiction over cases covered by barangay conciliation, small claims cases and summary proceeding cases Republic-Act-Act-No. 8042-Migrant and Overseas Filipino Workers of 1995 R.A.-6034 Act providing for transportation and other compensation for indigent litigants F. Rule 64 – Review of final judgments or orders of the Audit Commission and the Electoral Commission 5. Republic Act No. 11210 Maternity Leave Act extended by 105 days. Republic-Act-No.-7160 Official-Gazette-of-the-Republic-of-the-Philippines Local Government Code of 1`991 Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2000-Republic-Act-No.-9160.

2. Declaration of martial law and suspension of habeas corpus privilege; Extension V. Writs of habeas corpus, kalikasan, habeas data and amparo D. Acquisition, ownership and transfer of public and private land. PART 2: PRACTICE OF APPEAL, PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COURT OF APPEAL, THE COURT OF APPEAL AND THE SUPREME COURT www.pwc.com/ph/en/tax-alerts/2018/tax-alert-17.html A.-M.-No.-08-8-7-SC THE REVISED RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASES H. Cadastral registration system (Act No. 2259 as amended) B. Setting aside the judgment of the Court of Appeal (Rule 47). Applicants should read these FAQs IN THEIR ENTIRETY before visiting the website.

Intellectual Property Code of the Republic of the Philippines-Law-No. 8293-Official-Gazette-of-the-Republic-of-the-Philippines 3. Judicial Notice and Admissions (Rule 129) Republic Act No. 10168 Prevention and Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Act 2012 5. Original jurisdiction of various Philippine courts C. Effects of the contract in case of loss of the item sold. Law adjusting the amount or value of property and damages on which a penalty is based and the fines imposed under the Revised Penal Code, which amends for this purpose Law No. 3815, also known as the Revised Penal Code.