Are Catback Exhausts Legal in Victoria

Benno even makes 4-inch exhaust systems quieter than a standard system (4) No one may drive or drive a motor vehicle or trailer, with the exception of a restraint system or a slow vehicle as defined in clause 7B.01, which is equipped with a pneumatic tyre that has not been designed and manufactured for road traffic and that does not have a material tread in the area the tire, which comes into contact with the highway. In the case of vehicles or combinations of vehicles equipped with vacuum, the vacuum system shall have sufficient reserve to allow complete braking after the engine has stopped. 2. No person shall drive or drive a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with both diagonal and radial tyres; unless the vehicle is driven on more than 4 wheels, in which case preload tyres and radial tyres shall not be used on the same axle. (b) the device attaching the trailer to the motor vehicle is securely attached to a component suitable for the design of the chassis of each vehicle or, if the towed vehicle has a total laden weight of less than 900 kg, to a design part of the towing vehicle and to an integral part of the chassis of the towed vehicle; 7.04 1. Subject to paragraphs 3 and 4, each motor vehicle shall be equipped with an interior rear-view mirror which allows the driver to have an undistorted reflected view of the motorway directly at the rear of the vehicle, extending to the horizon from a point on the road less than 61 m behind the vehicle. The wire of a metal brake lining shall not be visible on a friction surface. The operation of the service brake pedal shall not be flexible or spongy, accompanied by different irregularities of the brake. (7) A before 1.

A bus manufactured in January 1971 must be equipped with a device to prevent or eliminate ice or condensation from inside the windshield. A motorcycle, if originally equipped, must be equipped with a chain guard that is not broken or torn and is sufficiently equivalent to the original device. Any system is good as long as it does not violate the 90 db limit. But there are some guidelines, I believe you need to have a cat and 2 silencers, one under the car in the front and one in the back. Be aware that the EPA and police now use digital cameras to keep track of your behavior, I received 2 fines of $511 each. However, in both cases, I was stopped by a police officer wearing a portable DB tester. For the record, it was PETTET. Laughing out loud. Replacing the rear muffler with a sturdy muffler simply won`t cut it off anymore. Sigh.

2.1. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, during the period during which a normal tyre is unusable due to its damage, a person may use a temporary replacement tyre with limited mileage declared by the vehicle manufacturer for use with the other tyres in the vehicle, provided that he immediately takes precautions to repair or replace the tyre for which the replacement tyre has been temporarily replaced. 24The travel of the service brake pedal of a force-assisted hydraulic, mechanical or hydraulic system shall not exceed 80 % of the available pedal stroke or pedal stroke specified by the manufacturer. An exhaust system must not have loose or leaking seals, seals or holes. Doors mounted on a vehicle must be in perfect condition and the hinge, lock or handle must not be broken, missing or unusable. 8.04.No person may store, sell or offer for sale turn signal devices unless the type or make of the turn signal device has been approved by the Director or the turn signal device is intended for use on an antique or collector`s motor vehicle. There shall be no loosening of a ball joint in the direction link aligned with the shaft or neck of the ball. 3. No person may drive or drive a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with a tyre which has been grooved or intersected, with the exception of a special tyre consisting of additional rubber under the tread for that purpose and marked `re-engagable` cast into the tyre by the manufacturer. Vehicles shall not be misaligned to the point that the track gauge exceeds 75 mm and the change in the centre of the axle exceeds 50 mm. Doors — Doors must be installed in a vehicle in which the vehicle was manufactured with doors.

A motor vehicle must be equipped with flawless windshield wipers on the left and right sides of the windscreen, when the manufacturer has installed 2 windshield wipers. (3) side cracks, wear, cuts or hooks to the extent that the cords of the body are damaged or exposed; The longitudinal reproduction of a fifth wheel coupling adjustable to the vehicle chassis shall not exceed 8 mm when locked or locked in the adjustment position.