Legal Age to Buy Fireworks in Canada

Fireworks Safety Video Watch this video to better understand fireworks laws and safety guidelines. Fireworks bylaws govern the use and sale of fireworks in Toronto. If you strictly follow the instructions, guidelines and regulations for the safe use of fireworks, you and your family will have a safe and enjoyable experience. Consumer fireworks are defined by the fact that they are considered safe, even if they are misused. If an organization or community group is interested in hosting fireworks, please contact the Fire and Rescue Service. Once your show is over, wait 30 minutes for the fireworks to cool completely before handling them. Then, soak them in water before throwing them in the trash. You can set off consumer fireworks on your own private property until 11 p.m.: Consumer Fireworks Safety Procedures Understand simple safety procedures for using consumer fireworks to ensure you have safe fireworks. In Canada, fireworks are divided into the following three classes: Are you planning to send Roman candles on Sundays? Maybe save your fireworks for Saturday night, long after Canada Day. Q: Now that my fireworks are ready, what should I do with the garbage? Selling Fireworks to Consumers Start here if you are interested in selling fireworks for consumers. This page provides an overview of the rules for storing, displaying and selling fireworks for consumers. Brampton residents are allowed to use short-range fireworks (those that travel within three metres or 10 feet) on their private property four times a year (Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and New Year`s Eve) without requiring a permit.

4 The Fire Marshal may designate fireworks that may not be sold to minors without the written consent of the minor`s parents or legal guardians. 3 Except between 24 October and 1 November of each year, it is prohibited to sell, give, shoot or light fireworks. Only responsible adults should monitor and light fireworks. Children and persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to shoot fireworks. Always buy your fireworks from a reputable source that sells products that comply with safety rules and standards. Call 311 to report the use of fireworks in a city park or beach, illegal sale and possible misuse of fireworks. National Fireworks Certification Program Learn how NRCan can certify you for the use of mass fireworks or special effect fireworks. Only short-range fireworks (moving within three metres or 10 feet) are permitted on private property. Three metres is about as high as a basketball hoop or a Brampton Transit bus. Therefore, if you plan to use fireworks that fly more than 3 meters, it is illegal.

Fines of $250 to $350 or court-imposed fines of between $500 and $5,000 can be imposed on the owner. Fireworks can cause serious injury. Toronto Fire Services prefers families to attend a community fireworks display hosted by a professional fireworks company. Federal regulations state that you must be at least 18 years old to purchase family fireworks. For 2022, short-range fireworks are permitted on the following days between dusk and 11 p.m.: Always follow the manufacturer`s label for the fireworks you purchased. This includes information about how far away viewers need to be in order for everyone to stay safe. Dispose of used or unused fireworks in small quantities – up to 10 at a time. Additional quantities of fireworks must be placed in the trash can via separate garbage collection mines. However, if 30,000 people watching fireworks in a park isn`t your thing, or you think you can do better, here are some tips for setting off your own fireworks, which is fine Monday through Friday of this week. Family fireworks fall into the category of consumer fireworks, which are defined as low-risk fireworks for recreational use. You do not need to be certified by NRCan to use consumer fireworks, but you should review any municipal or provincial requirements that may guide their use in your place of residence. You are only allowed to use consumer fireworks on your private property two days a year.

Consumer fireworks include fireworks that pose little risk to recreation, such as pyrotechnic showers, fountains, golden rain, lawn lights, wind turbines, Roman candles, volcanoes, sparklers and other similar devices. 1 In this Act, fireworks are cannons, fireballs, firecrackers, mines, Roman candles, rockets, squid, torpedoes and any other explosive designated by ordinance as fireworks. To legally purchase and use fireworks in Canada, you must obtain a certificate of use of fireworks. You must complete the application form provided by the Department of Natural Resources and send it to the Chief Inspector of Explosives as indicated on the form. Always pay attention to your surroundings when using fireworks. Do not fire fireworks if they may disturb or pose a risk of fire, injury or damage to persons or property. To remove used or unused fireworks, immerse fireworks in water and soak them overnight. Wrap the soaked fireworks in a plastic bag so they don`t dry out and place them in the trash can. Residents can contact 311 to file a complaint about fireworks.

If there is a complaint or information about a possible violation, law enforcement officers investigate, train and/or take enforcement action. If you`re throwing your own fireworks in your backyard, make sure you have the right backyard and that there are no buildings or trees nearby. Fireworks are prohibited in parks and beaches. You are also not allowed to set off fireworks on a street, parking lot or balcony. Do not set off fireworks on private property other than your own. Download a poster on fireworks regulations and safety tips that can be posted in stores and residential buildings. Take the time to prepare, protect and prevent: prepare for a safe exhibition, protect everyone and prevent fireworks. The following list of safety tips is for adults who are hosting their own fireworks display in their backyard. Fireworks are permitted on your private property only on Victoria Day and Canada Day until 11 p.m. A permit is required to light fireworks on all other days. The city`s annual fireworks display takes place on Wednesday, July 1. The festivities start at 6pm with the fireworks from 10pm.

You can watch the show from Bayfront Park or Pier 4. During fireworks, pets can get scared and run away from homes and loud noises. Here are some simple safety tips to protect your pets: It is important to dispose of fireworks safely. Improper disposal of fireworks can lead to fires in vehicles and garbage collection facilities. Never put used or unused fireworks in the blue container (recycling). You will need a permit from the Toronto Fire Department to set off fireworks on any other day. If a permit is granted, you are not allowed to set off fireworks after 11pm. To apply for a permit, contact or 416-338-8783. Under the Fireworks Ordinance, you can be fined $1,000 if you set off fireworks without authorization on days other than Victoria Day or Canada Day. 5 Fireworks may be sold to a person or organisation and given over to a public display if the public display is to be disposed of as household hazardous waste with the written permission of the lighters containing fuel. Check with your local fire department to see if a fire ban is in place.