Street Legal Race Tires

In the car owner`s manual, there is a section dedicated to your tires. The correct size is displayed there. The tires you have on the vehicle are the dimensions indicated on the sidewall of the tire. If your car has expired the warranty and has been modified, buy the tires to adjust the changes made. You may need to buy wider tires for the rear than for the front. Depending on performance and structure, racing tires can be divided into two types: trailing wheel tires and summer or high performance tires. This version of our drag tire ET constantly sets records and wins races. Mickey Thompson has been number one in motorcycle drag racing for 20 years and racers have been asking for M/T motorcycle drag tires by name. A proven drag track. As a general rule, tires used for drag racing should be about 10% lighter than conventional tires. Tires that are only used on a drag bar do not have to comply with transport rules and generally only meet S.F.I standards. If you plan to use them for regular driving, make sure they are DOT approved.

Below is the Bridgestone RS11, the “road version” of the R11 tire described above. Don`t be fooled by the S in the name, despite the small change of compound to better adapt to the road environment, these tires still offer excellent grip and incredible track performance. The tires have already proven excellent for road racing, as they offer a multi-compound construction that provides unparalleled grip on dry and wet surfaces. This multi-compound technology from Michelin offers the driver grip during acceleration and cornering. Designed for both professional and amateur drag racers, the Dragmax combines Dunlop`s most advanced technologies. Made in the USA in the same factory on the same machines as the MotoAmerica Road Race Slicks, the Dragmax offers an unparalleled offering. Without tread drawing, there is no way for the tire to distribute water from the footprint. Unlike road tires, smooth racing tires are designed for both professional and amateur racers and do not meet road safety standards. RE 17R tires are designed for maximum grip during braking and cornering and are ideal for track driving. All the love of racers for being one of the best drag tires has become one of the most popular in the United States because of its extreme grip and unique construction. A sticky set of tires is best if you are racing for the competition race. They are made of soft mixture and are smooth.

They don`t cost that much, but they are useful in many ways. Since road tires designed for racing are not meant to last forever, manufacturers usually don`t make an effort to make them durable. This is the difference between road tires and racing tires. Usually they survive 10-20 thermal cycles, but sometimes they can go up to 15-30 thermal cycles. We hope you are now comfortable buying the desired set of high-performance drag racing tires for your car without thinking about it. One thing you should always remember is that heavy-duty road tires cost a fortune, but important products from reputable brands deserve it. So you can decide carefully. The rubber compounds used for these tires are particularly rigid. This allows them to withstand extreme heat and improve their performance. The compound can vary for F1 tyres depending on track conditions, weather and the car itself.

This radial tire is a huge all-round tire. Effective on the road for everyday life and brilliant on the drag track. This tire gives you excellent traction on race day and gives you excellent handling even in wet weather. In order to achieve high performance, they must sacrifice longevity. Racing tires are soft to maintain constant traction. You have to deal with heat buildup at high speed, turn heat into an advantage, and use it to increase grip. Our first and most popular pick is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Featuring the smartest modern engineering and acoustic technology, this product is appreciated for perfect traction and incredible tread life.