Student Housing Legal Advice

Paralegals and the hired attorney at the University Legal Clinic can help UW Milwaukee students with various legal issues, such as: The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee provides free legal aid to low-income Milwaukee County residents with civil law issues. They provide legal assistance on a variety of topics, including: The Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic provides free short-term legal advice and referral services in most civil cases. The clinics are staffed by law students and volunteer lawyers. Their services are currently operated remotely. Federal and state laws make it illegal to discriminate against protected classes or unfair or predatory lending practices. The Fair Housing Council is a resource if you feel you have been a victim of unlawful discrimination in housing. If you are looking for legal advice, recommendations or help regarding the legal aspect of off-campus tenancy, please check out the resources below. We`ve compiled a list of several Milwaukee legal resources available to you. Isn`t your roommate paying their fair share of the rent? The owner didn`t come to fix your stove? Don`t worry, you have rights and Bruce will tell you your legal options. Below are the most common reasons why students visit our firm for legal advice.

The Wisconsin lawsuit provides free legal advice to low-income people who would be denied justice without his help. They provide high-quality, personalized legal services to every client they serve. Contact information: Call (414) 278-1240 or visit their website Attorney Bruce Sarbaugh provides free legal advice through Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations. Free legal advice is available ONLY to currently enrolled students who pay UC fees (UC faculty and staff cannot use this service as it is funded directly by tuition.) Parents of currently enrolled students can be part of the conversation, but must be accompanied by their student, as this is a learning process supported by tuition. After completing the registration form above, a member of the Student Dean`s Office will contact you within two business days to provide you with an appointment link to contact a McManis lawyer via Zoom. At the first meeting, the lawyer will consult with you about any problems you are having and you will receive advice on your legal rights and obligations, as well as advice on possible next steps. These services are free of charge and students can receive two consultations per legal issue.

The State Bar Lawyer Referral Service can help you determine if you need a lawyer and what to do if you do. If you call the Service, you will not receive legal advice; However, you will talk to a legal assistant who has experience in analyzing potential legal issues and helps you find the best source of help. The Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union is an all-volunteer organization that fights to end housing insecurity and the commodification of housing. Through direct action, they organize to challenge evictions, obtain claims from negligent landlords, and work to control housing for all. The Housing Law Section of the Center for Student Legal Services is designed to cover topics in Ohio landlord-tenant law that are best suited to Ohio University students. Housing law is an area of civil law. The rights and obligations of landlords and tenants are governed primarily by law, specifically the Revised Ohio Code § 5321. We`ve tried to guide you through your landlord-tenant experience – from buying off-campus housing, to entering into leases, entering into and exiting your rental property, and understanding your rights and obligations as a tenant. Check out our Resources section for downloads you can use to help you with your life experience. If you are a UC student and need legal advice or advice on other legal matters such as criminal matters, traffic violations, including impaired driving, or consumer rights concerns, contact Student Legal Services at 303-492-6813 or visit the Student Legal Services website for more information. The UWM University Legal Clinic is a free resource for UWM students.

Legal Services for Students does not provide representation or advocacy on behalf of individual students with respect to their potential legal claims or disputes. If the situation requires legal representation, our team will provide references to other legal resources and information. The Student Union Assembly, in partnership with the Dean of Students and the UCSC/UCSC Campus Legal Office, is pleased to provide UCSC students with access to free legal services related to non-UCSC off-campus housing issues. Legal Services for Students offers seminars, workshops and presentations for student groups and classes to explore legal issues before conflicts arise. A free authentication service is available to all registered students during normal business hours. Please remember that this website is only a source of general information and should NOT be used as a substitute for legal advice. For specific information about their situation, students should contact the Center for Student Legal Services and make an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys. Legal Advice for Students The Office of the Dean of Studies advises and advises currently enrolled students. We advise students on their rights and obligations in various areas of law, including landlord-tenant disputes, criminal law citations, small claims court, car accidents and insurance, personal injury, powers of attorney and consumer matters. Our services are provided as part of a confidential consultation at no additional cost to the student.

Landlord-tenant issues can be complex and frustrating for students. While most homeowners in Larimer County provide affordable housing and good living conditions, there are times when students struggle with their housing conditions and need expert help to understand their rights under Colorado laws and their leases. There is a process that a landlord must follow under Colorado law in order to successfully evict a tenant. The official term for deportation is “forced entry and detention,” or FED. Any student who receives notice of termination must call our office and bring the termination with the lease to the SLS office as indicated. This is a small sample of the types of landlord-tenant cases for which SLS assists students. If you need legal information or assistance as a CSU student, please call (970) 491-1482 or go to to make an appointment.