Supra Significado Legal

Moreover, because of its concise form, this expression is also generally accepted in notarial deeds and used in the same sense, mainly in acts beginning with the date and ending with the expression “date ut supra” (Escriche, Diccionario razonado de Legislación y Jurisprudencia) 1. Elem. Compositions. It means “consider” or “on”. Supranational, adrenal gland, superstructure. As above. A phrase used to indicate that some have already been discussed earlier in the text. Example: “As noted above, the elements of the limitation period are clearly defined in the law.” Ut supra is a Latin word that can be literally defined as “as above”. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy demystifies the term as the date, clause or sentence written at the top of some documents, thus avoiding its repetition. This Latin and Spanish term is usually used in court decisions and in forensic writings to refer to a passage inserted above, in other words, it means something that has already been said before or above.

Ut supra is a Latin expression that literally means “as above”. It is used in some documents to refer to a date, clause or sentence written above and to prevent its repetition. In the musical environment, this word is also used, for the same purpose of “as above”, “as before”. And finally, there is an Argentine website or a legal site called that claims to be exclusive to the judiciary of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. Law Order powerPublicity Ut supra is often used in law when it is not desirable in a particular document or when it is avoided to repeat the above. The term “date to top” means that this was practiced on the same day that the other actions recorded in Dado Folio were performed. It is also assumed in the court order with the same meaning, essentially in documents beginning with the date and ending with the above term at the time of the allusion to it. It should be noted that it is widely used in Roman law, since these Latin expressions are very common in this branch and in its texts. On the other hand, we can find ut infra, which literally means “as below” or remission; This requires the reader to check the next paragraph or page, i.e.

later in the same text. It is used to avoid repeating what has been said previously in a document. “In a trial,” says Viada (dictionary of the Spanish language), “the expression `date ut above` means that it was practiced on the very day that the other acts recorded in this folio were performed. In music, this Latin indication is also used in the sense of “as above”, “as before”, etc. Related articles: It is not necessary to release property to require division of matrimonial propertyTSJ rejects appeal against CNE acts relating to the choice of ANCDecaimiento actions against CNE acts at summons. Learn more.