Tennessee Legal Ads

Public notices are an essential part of a better legal process where citizens and taxpayers are informed of ongoing lawsuits or prosecutions by local government or judicial entities. They must be published in local newspapers that serve as independent third parties in this legal process. Email notification option for those who regularly need to search for public ads, save search criteria, print multiple messages at once, or receive automatic search results daily. TPN is a freely accessible website designed to reach a broader audience of citizens who want to learn more about the actions of Tennessee`s more than 7,000 local, county, and state government units, as well as our local and state justice systems. Every state in our country, including Tennessee, has laws that govern how public announcements are posted. These laws are designed to ensure that members of a community receive important information about their government`s actions. Local newspapers remain the preferred location for public announcements. This website is funded and maintained by the Tennessee Press Association. For more information on public announcements, see: www.tnpress.com.