Work Permit Legal Assistance

Contact Hill & Piibe for more information on how we can help you with your work permit. For more information on work permits, visit the USCIS website. Contact us to ask how our immigration lawyers can help you with your work permit. Employees eligible for the Legal Services Fund (as well as their spouses and dependents under the age of 18) may receive assistance with the following immigration matters: EOIR provides a list of lawyers in your state who provide immigration services for free or at low cost. They also provide a list of accredited representatives and recognized organizations. The American Bar Association also provides information on how to find legal services in your state. You are eligible for assistance from the Legal Services Fund if you are currently employed and have worked for a contributing employer of the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 or the Bartenders Union Local 165 for an average of 80 hours per month in the 6 months preceding your application for legal aid. Trustees may make an exception if the hourly requirement is not met due to layoffs. At Hill & Piibe, our immigration attorneys fill out the work permit application form and submit it to USCIS. Our representation in your deportation, asylum, or adjustment of status also includes the free preparation of your first work permit application (Form I-765), most of which must be renewed annually.

If you need assistance with any of the legal issues listed above, please make an appointment with our Legal Services Fund program team at 702-386-1550. Services are provided only by agreement. The authorized employee must attend the first appointment. A DOJ-accredited representative working for a DOJ-recognized organization may represent you before USCIS. Some accredited representatives may also represent you before the Executive Immigration Review Board. Officials accredited by the Department of Justice are not lawyers, but they can give you legal advice on immigration matters. Get the legal help you need with work visa issues. Call our office today at 818-788-8900 or send a message online using the form on this site. Initial consultations are free of charge. An accredited representative must work for a DOJ-approved non-profit, religious, charitable, social, or similar organization based in the United States. A recognized organization must primarily serve low-income or needy clients and provide its fee waiver policy to those who are unable to pay.

If you choose to work with a DOJ-accredited representative of a DOJ-recognized organization, you should: Our immigration attorneys help clients obtain work permits by accurately completing the application form and filing it with USCIS with the appropriate filing fee. We also offer free preparation of your first work permit application (Form I-765) in conjunction with your resettlement, asylum, or adjustment of status case. Contrary to popular belief, a work permit, work permit document or EAD does not give its holder legal authority to reside in the United States. A work permit simply allows a person to accept work. Starting in 2021, it will take about seven months to process work permit applications at USCIS. Renewals can be sent 180 days before your current work permit expires. If you`re not sure which immigration benefit to apply for or which USCIS forms to file, you may need legal advice from an authorized service provider. Only authorized immigration service providers can help you beyond the basic preparation or translation of forms. Each visa has a different purpose and is aimed at a different type of work. Some of the most popular visas are: WARNING: “Notaries”, notaries, immigration consultants and businesses cannot provide you with legal advice on immigration matters unless they are authorized service providers. In many other countries, the word “notario” means that the person is a powerful lawyer, but this does not apply in the United States.

If you need help with immigration matters, be very careful before paying money to someone who is not a lawyer or an EOIR-accredited representative of an EOIR-recognized organization. Also known as a “work permit”, “work permit document” or “EAD”, a work permit can generally only be issued at the same time as a pending application for another type of facilitation or benefit such as asylum, adjustment of status, NACARA, etc. Thousands of guest workers are welcomed to the United States each year. Often, individuals believe they need a work permit to enter the United States. In fact, workers need a temporary work visa. Different categories of visas allow professionals to enter the United States. Each category has its own qualifications and rules. Compliance with the rules is important to ensure that your immigration status is managed properly. Our law firm can guide you through the process. Please note that USCIS may decide not to allow a reputable person to assist you. Work permits for the United States provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals to enter the United States to share their skills and abilities.

However, these visas are not as easy as they seem. For this reason, it is important that an experienced lawyer helps you in this process. As an eligible employee, you will not be billed for legal services provided under the Legal Services Fund. However, if your case requires the payment of fees or expenses, such as court fees or other filing fees, you may have to pay those fees depending on the nature of your legal case. If you qualify, your spouse and dependents under the age of 18 are also eligible for assistance. A DOJ-accredited attorney or representative may represent you before USCIS. Your legal representative must file Form G-28, Notice of Registration of Appearance as a Counsel or Accredited Representative, with the appropriate application, motion or appeal. USCIS will send information about your case to your legal representative, if you have one. At the law firm of Tasoff and Tasoff, we have been providing trusted immigration law services since 1949. Our law firm in Woodland Hills, California helps obtain work visas for skilled workers, executives, investors, academics and academic researchers. This includes advice on: With the help of our experienced professional lawyers, you will receive the highest level of representation throughout your case.

We strive to treat each client with the care, courtesy and respect they deserve and work diligently to resolve visa issues as efficiently as possible. Work permits are only available in conjunction with an immigration status you already possess or in conjunction with a pre-USCIS immigration status petition. Common immigration statuses/applications include: Sometimes lawyers and accredited representatives may be assisted by law students or law graduates. You should never work alone with a law student or law graduate, but only through an appropriate lawyer or accredited representative. Obtaining a work permit in the United States as a non-citizen can be a complex and confusing process. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you determine what type of work visa is right for your situation and guide you through the application process. In addition, you can usually bring a relative, neighbor, clergyman, associate, or personal friend to help you during a job interview or other appearance at a USCIS office. This person is known as a “serious person”. Anyone is allowed to give you this kind of limited help and can charge for it. This person should only charge you a small fee and not claim to have any special knowledge of immigration law and procedures. Yes. As explained above, a person who is not an authorized immigration service provider may provide limited assistance, such as reading a form or translating and writing the information you provide.

The services available to you under the Legal Services Fund are listed above. Legal issues and services other than those mentioned above are not covered by the Legal Services Fund. This includes, for example, that the Legal Services Fund team verifies your eligibility before your scheduled appointment. To learn more about immigration, including information about a FREE immigration course you can attend, visit the Legal Aid Centre website under Immigration. Authorized immigration service providers can: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers free resources to guide you through the application, petition or investigation process. You can visit our online tools page to find answers and other help, including: To represent you before USCIS, an attorney must: A person who comes with you only to help with the translation does not have to make a statement. A licensed and licensed attorney outside the U.S. may represent you if your petition or petition is filed at a USCIS office outside the U.S. and if the DHS agent before whom they wish to appear allows representation. This lawyer must: In addition, this attorney must file a Form G-28I, Notice of Commencement of Appearance as an Attorney in Matters Outside the Geographic Boundaries of the United States.

Please note that this attorney can only represent you if your case is being handled outside the United States. If your case is referred to a USCIS national office, USCIS will contact you directly. Attorneys do not need to be licensed in the state where they live or practice to represent you before USCIS. As long as they are licensed to practice law and are in good standing in any jurisdiction where they are licensed, they can represent you before USCIS. You can submit USCIS forms yourself, but many people choose to get help. A person who is not an authorized immigration service provider may only: Legitimate persons do not file Form G-28. Instead, in order to assist you, legitimate individuals must provide a statement to the USCIS/DHS agent they wish to appear at, stating:.