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Join Dawn at a number of transformative events held throughout the year. From in-depth and unique sales and marketing training to activating the energetics of being a successful entrepreneur, these must-attend events will dramatically affect how you run your business.

21 Day Wealth Rising Ritual.
Over 21 days, you will be taken through an experience to literally raise your wealth vibration. This intimate and deep inner work will set you FREE.

The Red Temple is the heartbeat of the ancient and all that is sacred and divine. Gather with women to be nourished, to tell your story and to share your fears, losses, triumphs and victories.

February 15, 2020 7PM EST

Know this…Deep within, YOU hold the key to your success or failure.

You are on the edge of massive up-leveling in your business and your life. But, you’re also frequently overwhelmed, overworked and unsure of what strategies will truly grow your business to the next level.

Our programs can help.

Through our dynamic Wealth Rising Method, you will learn innovative, game-changing success strategies. You’ll also learn actionable tools around sales, marketing and business development.

Together we will create a map to harness your FULL power, get more of your life back and create a presence that reverberates into the world.


The Wealth Rising Luminary is for the woman who desires an intimate VIP experience with Dawn to grow herself and/or her business.

The Council

The Wealth Rising Council is for the high-achieving, visionary 6-Figure entrepreneur who is ready to leverage her time and double or triple her business through creating systems and operations, building a team and claiming her worth.

Inner Circle

The Wealth Rising Inner Circle is for emerging entrepreneurs who desire a foundational program to articulate their brilliance, position their uniqueness and learn how to launch and grow their business to 6-figures – and do it all with ease.

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Isolation, lack of clarity and overwhelm can zap business growth.

On this call, we will:

  • create a step-by-step map to crystalize your big, audacious goals,
  • discover the obstacles in your way (it’s not usually what you think it is!) and
  • develop a plan of action for real results.
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